Cfort10 Reviews by my wife (250 capsules box)

I suffered from a chronic candida infection for nearly three decades, which affected every aspect of my life from stability to spirituality. Not only would I feel depressed but also helpless and frustrated about the symptoms that were subtle, but still very much present. Most of the time, I felt that the doctors and the other healthcare professionals I was visiting seemed to think that I was going crazy as nothing was ever diagnosed as me having anything, or random symptoms would be diagnosed. This damaged my self-confidence and esteem and slowly I started doubting myself. I started to think that, maybe I was really crazy.

After having given up hope I came across an article on the internet, where a patient had mentioned the same symptoms as mine and had been diagnosed as suffering from candida. This breathed a new hope into me and I was determined to find out if what I really had was candida. I was reading more, and more and I was 100% sure that it was candida.

My next step was selecting a treatment method, and for that I chose CFort10 which was highly recommended by a Naturopath that I’ve been visiting. It’s stated to help with:

1. Effective maintenance of the vaginal flora
2. Being a strong antifungal (six times more effective than caprylic acid)
3. Being yeast and gluten free
4. Devoid of artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

CFort10 capsules come in a standard packaging of 250 gel capsules and weigh around eight ounces. These capsules are manufactured in the United States of America and help in cleansing the body from the overgrowth of candida which might be interfering with the other body systems to cause malfunctioning. The gastrointestinal system gets adversely affected by the presence of candida in the body. This is one product that does not disturb and in fact helps in restoring the natural balance of the beneficial bacterial and the candida present in the body and especially the gut and the intestines. However, it must be remembered that when using the CFort10 Capsules the patients must stay away from the food that may contain:

1. Yeast
2. Refined sugars
3. Dairy products
4. Carbonated or tinned juices etc.

The ingredients of these gel capsules include;

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)
2. Gelatin (bovine)
3. Glycerin (vegetable source)

The patients are recommended to take five gelcaps which contain 250mg of Undecylenic Acid, up to thrice in a day. This product has been found to be six times more effective than caprylic acid.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, I would ask my healthcare provider before taking CFort10 as you never want to take anything without their permission. These worked great for me and really helped turn my life around. My life is still not 100%, but I can see light once again, and am healthier now than I was 30 years ago. I am sure that if I keep going at this rate, I will be better in time.