My CanxidaRemove Review – Full Canxida Review

CanXida Remove Feedback & Review: after giving it a 2 months try.

Most of my blog readers know that I have an interest in candida because I been suffering from candida infection for over 5 years now.

I was tested and found to have an overgrowth in saccharomyces. I have visited numerous functional doctor and they all tried to treat it with fresh garlic and good probiotics. I was also told to incorporate a lot of fermented foods so I eat sauerkraut and add a drop of oil of oregano to olive oil to pour over lunch. I tried this approach for almost a year and while it did give some relief my actual symptoms never went away.

I was having the usual bloating, gas, stomach pain, hives and I even had some hair loss.

My own research lead me to believe I may have leaky gut only to be wrong after being on a leaky gut for 3 months without any results. Hope you know what leaky gut means; it’s when every time you feel something running down the back exit. You eat; you feel it more. It’s a pressure on the whole system that gets you dizzy and frayed within no time.

I have even tried MDs but most of them put me on antibiotics which I believe made my case worst.

That lead me to research some diets that one should go on after being on antibiotics for a long time. I found one of the videos on youtube from a naturopath called eric bakker. As I watched the video he made some remarks about candida that struck me.

I spent the next few hours going through his videos on his youtube channel where he talks about symptoms and treatment options. I gave his diet a try which is free on his blog to read and I started getting good results on scale of 1 to 10 I would say the symptoms were now 6 out of 10 compared to 10 out of 10 before.

While on his diet I read how probiotics, antifungal and multivitamin is critical to getting rid of candida. I searched for probiotics and even asked eric bakker but he had no recommendation however he did recommend me canxida as an antifungal. I checked out their reviews on amazon and saw good feedback and decided to give it a go I had already spent thousands of dollars in doctor visits and other medications an extra $59 wasn’t gonna make it any worst for me and I was looking to get better.

Now make sure you do not order from Amazon because there you will be charged $64 something and on their website it is $59.99 plus free shipping while on amazon you have to pay for the shipping which sucks.

What I personally liked after doing my own research and asking various other people suffering from candida on forums and blogs is that canxida is sustained release and that helps what that means is that dosage forms are designed to release a supplement at a predetermined rate in order to maintain a constant supplement concentration for a specific period which should be the goal of any antifungal to keep the antifungal activity high.

Another thing that not only me but other candida sufferers have pointed out on amazon and other forums most of the natural antifungals for candida are incomplete and are formulated by people without any knowledge of candida, like the most famous one is by NOW FOODS which is a multi-million dollar company that knows nothing about candida.

They have their own product which may work for some however again it is not good enough the ingredients are way below par and I tried it for 2 months without any result and I had to return it back.

If you are taking canxida then make sure to take it 2 times per day for optimal effect in my case it worked great when I took it in the morning with breakfast and at night just before bed it gave me optimal antifungal activity. One concern which was raised about canxida in another forum was the garlic in it will it make you smell bad? Well I take it and I have recommended to 3 of my friends and let me tell you that it doesn’t smell like garlic at all you will not even feel it.

Hope this helps you, please leave comments if you find something else for candida that works.

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This ends my canxida review!