Candia5 Review – Only Candida Blood Testing Kit

Treating For Candida When You Don’t Have It – A Candia5 Review

I remember this persistent itch that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. It would agonize me, and I’d use different over the counter treatments for yeast infection, some of them even gave me relief due to the steroids in the creams I thought I was doing something right. But I started reading more and more and I found out about candida and knew that I had to have it, I mean it just couldn’t be anything else.. right? We all have yeast in our bodies and systems so that is what it had to be, and I knew I had to do something about it. I was going to go to the doctors, but I felt like they never acknowledge my issues, and do not believe that we have anything all the time. I always felt they just don’t care so I figured I’d solve this problem on my own.

I immediately went out and looked up everything I could possibly find on doing a candida diet, looking up what foods to eat and what to avoid, I discarded all the sugars, carbs in my house just so I wouldn’t be under the temptation to eat it by “mistake”. After doing that I must admit I was in serious withdrawal. I missed the food, but I was determined. I stuck to a candida diet for 3 months, it was difficult, but still no change. I felt even worse than when I started, I couldn’t understand what was wrong.

I soon went to a naturopath that I was able to find, and we discussed my issues. He personally believed I had candida, but when I told him everything I did to help treat it, he knew something was wrong when my symptoms didn’t even improve a tad bit. He gave me the candia5 candida test and we saw in 5 minutes that I did not have candida. He thought I might have a bacterial infection, or something else, but not candida. It would be best if I went to get tested, and he referred me to a doctor who accepted my insurance.

After doing some tests and waiting for the lab we found out it was not a yeast infection at all. My naturopath who used candia5 was able to do a lot for me and diagnose my issues, if I never had him I’d probably still be trying to treat myself. I suggest if you are trouble you should look to find a doctor you can trust, and do not give up. Once you get treated, you will find that everything you tried was all worth it.

This is pretty much it about my review for candia5. Please comment or send me questions if any!