Adrenal Fatigue & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the essence of a woman. There will always come a time in a woman’s life when she decides to bear a child of her own. It is very important to learn the important aspect about pregnancy. The things that make it possible and the things that makes it impossible to obtain. This article is about pregnancy and how it is affected by an abnormality in one of the important systems in our body. The effects of which is not only focused on women but also on men to their role as a donor in women’s pregnancy.

Adrenal fatigue is the destruction of the Adrenal glands due to certain factors that makes the glands insufficient to perform its role in the human body’s homeostasis. Adrenal failure can be caused by trauma like blunt injury to the kidneys, or maybe due to autoimmune diseases like Addison’s disease. The most appropriate definition for Adrenal fatigue is the shutting down of the Adrenal glands.

The Adrenal gland is found just right above each kidney. It is an almond shaped gland that functions as a producer of several hormones required in the body and brain in order to perform their functions. The Adrenal gland secretes androgens or the so called sex hormones namely Testosterone in males and Estrogen in females. These sex hormones are required for fertility and reproduction. Destruction of the Adrenal glands or Adrenal fatigue may either cause abnormally excessive or abnormally low production of androgenic hormones where both of which will cause bad effects to the Reproductive system.

Adrenal fatigue that causes increasing androgenic hormones will cause virilization in women. These means that women will be unable to produce eggs that can be fertilized and germinate. The high levels of estrogen will have a contraceptive effect to the female reproductive system. No pregnancy will then occur in this case. If in case, pregnancy occurs, it becomes very vulnerable to rejection and will eventually lead to spontaneous abortion within 4-6 weeks of gestation.

In Adrenal fatigue with low production of hormones, pregnancy is possible and is obtained in most of the cases. However, studies show that the peak levels of hormones in the onset of Adrenal fatigue, when severed by the physiologic changes in pregnancy, makes it risky for the gestation to complete. Pregnancy itself creates hormonal changes in the body to prepare the body for growth and delivery of the baby. These hormonal changes will then be added to the hormonal changes brought about in adrenal fatigue hat results into a fatal hormonal imbalanced. However, when detected early, the pregnancy can be supplemented by hormonal treatment until delivery.

There is one study in the internet that states that most women that has Adrenal fatigue in pregnancy will most likely bear children with congenital defects and children with hormonal defects. This study however, has not yet been confirmed by the World Health Organization.

Adrenal fatigue is in fact a dangerous regimen for pregnancy. However, when detected at the earliest time possible, treatment can be given and complications will be minimized. The best way to have a safe and healthy pregnancy is to always visit your doctors for annual checks ups. As they say: “Prevention is always better than cure.”